Norms and Responsibities

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Norms and Responsibities

 Where have you heard, seen or read about situations in which user rights and responsibilities have been abused in the digital world? What might the user have done differently?

I have heard of things such as freedom of speech leading to abuse, but with speech comes consequences for what you say. I have also heard personal information not being safe online in different situations; plus, tracking of web searches to generate advertising.

What user rights do you feel should be part of the norms in this digital world?  What user responsibilities do you feel should be expressed in this digital world?  Post to the forum by clicking the link below.

Freedom of speech, private information (right to privacy), and safety from predators should be rights guaranteed to all users. Users need to know that there are consequences for their words--especially dishonest or hateful words. People are responsible for what they say.