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Science Notebooks- Molly Fox

Molly Fox
• What are some commonalities in the articles you read and the presentation?  

The articles had many commonalities.  One of the reasons to use science notebooks that was found in every article was that they can be used to check for understanding or for assessment.  Science notebooks also integrate literacy and science learning to help students use the language of science.  Students use the notebooks as a thinking tool and can collect data and draw illustrations.  Teachers can then check the notebooks to guide instruction.  

• Are you currently using science notebooks in your classroom?  If so, how are you using them?  If not, how might you use them?

I am not currently using science notebooks.  I have used science notebooks in the past.  However, most years I had these, we would begin really strong and use them for science and then it would fizzle out.  So the notebooks would have about 15 pages used and the rest were empty.  After reading the articles, I know see how they can be used for so many more reasons than merely recording or copying definitions.  I might use them or a small version (I like the white paper stapled into a file folder idea to allow for flexible thinking) with our current unit about life cycles.  We are at the beginning of an inquiry with lima beans placed all over the room.  Students can draw and record what they see.  

• What are two new things that you learned from the readings and/or PowerPoint or something that reinforces what you are already doing with science notebooks in your classroom?

One thing I learned from the readings is that science notebooks can be used to foster curiosity.  Students can use them to record what they wonder not just facts.  Another thing I learned is that teachers need to help students make them interactive by using them as a learning tool instead of a recording tool.

• What are some advantages and disadvantages you see of using science notebooks?

The advantages of using science notebooks are that it’s a place for students to record data, draw sketches, show how they see the world, reflect, and practice literacy during science.  Disadvantages could be if they are used to focus on copying and just as a recording tool.

• In what way, if any, do science notebooks help support what we have explored this week with regards to "How Students Learn Science"?

Science notebooks help support curiosity.  Students can use them to ask questions and record what they wonder.  They can also record what they know about the topic to help the teacher identify misconceptions.  These are a tool for students to show how they see the world.