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Teacher 3
 The standard I chose was K-PS2-1 which states that students should plan and conduct an investigation to compare the effects of different strengths or different directions of pushes and pulls on objects. In the FOSS kits we have we made ramps with foam tubes and plastic balls. I had my kids use toy cars also to help give them a way to connect to their learning.

Science and Engineering Practices: Plan and carry out an investigations to answer questions from previous learning. This investigation will lead to further collaboration with peers. All kids have probably pulled open a door. All kids have also probably pushed a draw shut. Two things that they can use to collaborate about.

Disciplinary Core Ideas: PS2.A Forces and Motion: pushes and pulls can have different strengths. PS3.C: Types of Interactions: when objects touch of collide, they push on one another. PS3.C Relationship Between Energy and Forces: A bigger push or pull makes things speed up or slow down more quickly.

Crosscutting Concepts: Simple tests can be designed to collect evidence to support or refute student ideas about causes.