The importance of knowing the nature of science

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The importance of knowing the nature of science

Teacher 3

      It's important for teachers to teach their students to think like a scientist.  Thinking like a scientist -- questioning, hypothesizing, experimenting, obtaining evidence, theorizing, and drawing conclusions are actions that every educated student should know how to do.  Every student should begin to develop habits of thinking like a scientist, partly, because that is at the core of so many (if not all) fields of learning.  Every subject about which the student will be learning has had scholars who worked in their field using a scientific process to share and explain their findings of some aspect of that subject.  We desire our students to continue to learn even when they graduate from K-12 education and continue to learn from and contribute to activity done in higher educational institutions, as well as in business, manufacturing...  A well-educated student and teacher will know the importance of knowing the nature of science.

In all of the subjects that a teacher may teach, it's important to question and to look for evidence of something we claim to be true. For example, reading teachers train their students to look for evidence in a written text to prove their answers.  That is similar to what scientists do when they look for evidence in nature for what they're trying to prove.

Also, even though students will not be using a full blown experimentation process on every interaction they have with others, I believe thinking like a scientist also contributes to better personal relationships with people because students will think and search for truth before they speak and act, rather than jump to dangerous false assumptions about other people.