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Theresa Taylor -- Assessing your Knowledge
I did okay on the assessment; missing four, I shouldn't have missed any question.  I read the questions too quickly and did not reread the questions and the answer choices out loud.  I failed to do what I tell my students to do all of the time on any assignment.  I need to follow what I preach to the students....always.    

The questions that I did miss, I need to make sure prior to teaching any concept that I go over the NGSS, look over the subject matter, plan several experiments/tasks/ group discussions/have higher level questions ready to go prior to any day of teaching.  I myself need to be prepared for any question/s that the students may bring me and others on a daily basis.  I need to communicate well, check for understanding continuously and make sure to know what the students know and from these modules check for any misconceptions to make sure I can clear them up so the students understand the material well and apply what they know to exploration of the content.