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Theresa Taylor -- Heredity and Traits
MS-LS3-1:  Develop and use a model to describe why structural changes to genes mutations) located on chromosomes may affect protein and may results in harmful, beneficial, are neutral effects to the structure nd function of the organism.

SEP:  Developing and using Models. Students will be asked to create model/s to show the outcome of offspring from the two parents.  The students will review meiosis reproduction and how a mutation can occur when the offspring arrives.  The students share the information and reflect on the model.  If changes need to occur, this is when it occurs.  

DCI:  LS3.1:  Inheritance of Traits--Students will need to pay attention as teacher describes some misconceptions of this concept.  Introducing this with short videos that have visuals will be helpful and assist the students to learn.  Introducing and reviewing chromosomes, alleles, genes, dominant and recessive traits.  Explain how mutations can occur in the reproduction of the chromosomes.  

CCC:  Structure and Function:  Watching the Bozman videos on structure and function how using visuals to assist with showing the structure of an "item" and then discuss the function or purpose of what it is used for.  Using the science notebook will come in handy here.  Writing down the vocabulary and having the students  use pictures/images to draw the function of the vocab.  This will be helpful when the students start the models of the chromosomes and the genes that appear as the phenotype.