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Assignment #9 Allison Gray

Allison Gray
What can exploring art do for enhancing and developing career skills?

The first skills that come to mind are improvement of confidence and self esteem. People need to have a good self esteem and confidence level to be successful. Integrating art into the classroom gives students flexibility in their work. There is no longer a right or wrong answer, so students develop confidence and a good self esteem. They also develop good discussion skills with less pressure to have the exact answer. Students that are exposed to art in the classroom learn to be more creative and to express themselves without hesitation.

What types of technologies have you used that shares a link with art? Include at least one link to a technology that could be used in the classroom.

                I use a lot of technology in the classroom, but do not have a lot of technology that is linked with art. I do use a lot of videos on youtube to introduce or end the lessons with a song to reinforce vocabulary or the concept we are learning.  My students love to do the multiplication match up for practicing their multiplication facts. My students have used incredibox for free time to create their own beat boxing song for fun, but they use the program in music too. 

What are your "takeaways" from the article and videos?

There was a lot of information in the videos and articles that has helped me understand where I was going wrong as a new teacher, especially helping struggling students to be successful in the classroom. The students that struggle have a hard time communicating their thoughts and feelings in appropriate ways. Incorporating the arts into lessons will help these students to express themselves. The biggest take away was that integrating art is the key element in meeting all student needs. This really resonated with me because my principal talks a lot about all means all. I really like the being proactive and never argue with students because it is unproductive.