Assignment #9 Art and Tech

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Assignment #9 Art and Tech

Brett Egge
Assignment #9

 What can exploring art do for enhancing and developing career skills?

Exploring art can have a big influence on developing career skills.  In any career you are going to benefit from thinking outside of the box.  I feel that the use of art in schools help create that type of thinking.  Actually maybe not even create that type of thinking, but instead allow it and urge it to happen in the classroom.  In any career you are going to have situations that get stale and need a new look on things.  Exploring art helps develop these skills.  It also allows people to look at things from various perspectives.  This is a big part of SEL learning and the ability to work with others.  If we don't hear what others have to say about things we will get into thinking things from only are own perspective or the “right” perspective.  This can be detrimental to working with others and collaborating with a team.  Being able to think for yourself rather then just getting the correct answer will take you along ways in your career.  

I think the pure fact of exploring art also helps us be innovators.  Every career is going to need innovators.  It might be as simple as innovating simple systems within your career.  I feel that art allows creativity, which can be used in so many ways in any career.  We must make sure to keep ourselves fresh so we can be creative and explorers in are desired career path we choose.  

       2.    What types of technologies have you used that shares a link with art? Include at least one link to a technology that could be used in the classroom.

I have used numerous examples of technology in the classroom that incorporates art.  I found the readings and material studies over the last few weeks have given me a deeper understanding of how many options there are to use technology and art together as a combination.  I found that the Modern Art link and the Sketch Up link interesting and are two links that I would like to use in the future.  The Modern Art link gives a wide variety of learning tools.  I really like how you are walking through the gallery.  This gives the students a lot of choice.  I found the Sketch Up link to be quite engaging.  I thought this link could really give students an opportunity to create.  I also thought it would go well with some math curriculum including 3-D shapes.  I thought this would work particularly well with older kids.  You could have them design cities or anything using 3-D shapes.  

Sketch Up:


Modern Art:

       3.    What are your "takeaways" from the article and videos?

I think that the articles and videos were very helpful.  One takeaway that I got was that art needs to be integrated into the classroom.  It allows creativity, innovation, and different perspectives.  All of these things are important parts of life.  I like how the articles had some practical ways to use technology and art together in the classroom.  The VTS was really interesting to me too.  I just think how that structure could really help benefit the students, staff, and school in the classroom.  The abstract art video was intriguing to me. It is amazing how art can be done in some many different ways.  Another big takeaway I had from these studies is how art and music can be combined.  I tend to think of general education materials most of the time while lesson planning, but it is amazing how so much subject matter can go between different areas of teaching.  I think it is important to discuss this with the students in the classroom.  It is so easy for students to think that we are only doing art during art time.  The truth of the matter is that art might be getting used during reading or math also.  There are so many pieces to the puzzle.  The more we open ourselves up to the more that children will get the opportunity to learn.  The main thing is to be open to what the students are studying in the art classes.  Then you can begin to understand how to incorporate them.