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Compare Scientist-Classroom Cases

Amanda Buck

How did the way the scientist worked and explained the phenomena compare to the students? I chose to watch Scientist case 4, the minerals and materials investigation. In this video the scientist discusses volume as a three dimensional measure. He also discussed material density and weight. He talks about liquid displacement and solid volume. He first visualizes volume as a 3D space. Then he manipulates the objects and uses his senses to make estimates. Finally he uses evidence to revise his estimate.The challenge for both scientists and students is to come up with ways to estimate and measure volume and to understand how accurate measurements are. Both scientists and students use water displacement to find the volume of rocks.

The student video I chose to watch was the role of elicitation discussions in grade 5. The students view photos of ships in a field and just begin by making observations based on their personal experiences. The students discuss while the teacher records their thinking. The teacher interferes as little as possible so the students are in control of the discussion.

What are the implications for your own classroom? I will need to encourage broad participation to help students share, expand, and clarify their ideas as well as encourage careful listening.