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Teacher 3

I found this test easier than the last tests, but still confusing at times. I took it twice, a couple days apart. The first time I got 7; the second time 6. I may have done better, but the questions confused me sometimes. Most of the confusion was with vocabulary. I haven't taught this in quite a few years,and there are words being use now that weren't then. The basic ideas were unchanged, just worded differently.

I liked the pictures and charts. They were helpful, and the games I played before were a great way to review. I think the students would greatly benefit from vocabulary reviews before assessments.Games are a great way to review.

Pictures and charts in assessments are also important. If students are visual learners, and assessing that way is appropriate. If they are having trouble reading the test, it should be read to them. I try to remember that I'm testing for knowledge, not the ability to read.