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Savannah Strunk
What can exploring art do for enhancing and developing career skills?
Exploring art can enhance and develop career skills many different ways. First all different types of arts can help students develop good self esteem, confidence, and creativity.  Students are often proud of their artwork whether it be music, dance or creative art work. Art also helps with career skills such as problem solving and collaboration. Students use these skills to create different forms of art, Some might use problem solving to figure out what the next dance move will be. Art gives students the ability to enhance or develop many different skills throughout their education.

What types of technologies have you used that shares a link with art?
I have used music several times in the classroom. Most of the time it is during free paint. Children can be creative any way they want with paint. I am interested in playing music and asking the students to paint a picture to go with the music.

Include at least one link to a technology that could be used in the classroom.

What are you take aways from the articles and videos?
Different arts and technologies give students the ability to create and enjoy creating. Students who struggle in subjects enjoy art because it gives them confidence and allows them to feel like they can accomplish whatever they put their mind to.  I really like the different technologies that can be used in art especially painting to music.