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Samantha Smith
What can exploring art do for enhancing and developing career skills?

One of the reasons art can be so vital for adults is in thinking creatively and in a unique way. An example is coming up with some sort of solution to a problem. Another could be when they have a career that directly involves art like art restoration, marketing, etc.

What types of technologies have you used that shares a link with art? Include at least one link to a technology that could be used in the classroom.

When I was teaching in preschool, we didn't use a lot of links that connect with art. We did create some things using Smart Notebook to work on rhyming by erasing parts of a picture. The kids enjoyed that. For me switching to elementary school, I know that a lot of  the students using Osmo. I think this is a great tool not limited to only creating art but coming up with unique solutions.

What are your "takeaways" from the article and videos?

I think the biggest takeaway is how vital art can be for students. Not limited to an outlet but also a learning tool. I think that finding ways to incorporate art into my lessons can provide a way to include all for their multiple intelligences.