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Sharon Seaton
Hi all,

This subject is very dear to me.  In August of 2015, I started a 3 year project to give my students voice and choice in learning science. Using the LMS Moodle, I created classes using a blended model. I started with the traditional classes, Biology, Physical Science, Chemistry,  and Environmental Science. I have since expanded to 14 classes for next year and possibly 20-21 the last year of the project.  I survey students in the fall as to what they would like to study then create the class and a year later it is ready for students to take provided the state approves it  :).  So we now have classes like entomology, herpetology, microbiology and botany.

Students are required to take Biology and Physical Science but I wanted them to have classes they would be interested not what I wanted them to take. Also I wanted the students to be able to access their class 24/7 so it would accommodate flexible schedules. So now we have a program where kids can work from anywhere outside of school, still do labs and assessments with me at school but they can work at their own pace, but have due dates to keep them on pace. It has led to kids instead of celebrating they are done with science requirements come back and take more courses.

It has been a challenge at times but my students are becoming more independent and are taking more responsibility for their learning.