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Sessions at conferences are great, but sometimes some of the most valuable learning comes from the conversations you have with educators between sessions and during lunch. It is during those times that you have the opportunity to engage in authentic conversations with others and hear about what is working with their students. Since this is an online event, we don't have the luxury of a plated lunch, but we can provide you with a virtual space to share

  • How you are personalizing learning for your students
  • What resources and tools you are using to personalize learning for your students Questions you may have about personalizing learning

    This forum will be open to all of the different topics we are exploring during the 28 Days. To help participants find stories that they most interested in, put the topic in the subject line of your post (learner profiles, learner paths, competency-based progression, and flexible learning environment).

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    Sharon Seaton - Flexible Learning Environment by Sharon Seaton
    by Sharon Seaton