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Dianna K. Hanna
What can art do to enhance and develop career skills?  Fine arts study makes your approach to other skills more personal, thoughful, and well planned out.  Practicing an instrument teaches motor skills, dilligence, and attention to detail.  Whatever career you go into, these are vital components to your success.  

What types of technology have I used that shares a link with art?  Youtube is a huge resource that I've used with my band, and my church groups.  Seeing musicians in action, while hearing them play the music I plan on using with my own groups, is a valuable tool for teaching.  Some of us (and our students) are visual learners, some auditory learners.  Seeing the music on the page in front of you, while hearing it being performed, makes a lot of sense out of the notes on the staff. a bonus is seeing how the performers struggle with sections, how they enjoy their craft, and how they react to the audiences' reception of their work, is a great thing!

I've also used Finale to write music, transpose parts, and to teach my students how to use this valuable resource in their musical advancement.

Takeaways from the article and videos:  Using technology in the classroom or at home, gives students a chance to explore the world!  Anytime they are researching or collaborating with others online, is time well spent in bringing them into the 21st century digital world.  They retain information by simply having fun.  Repetitive actions help them to learn how to use technology, which will in turn, stay with them for a long time.  I was once told by a clinician working with my band, that the best way to learn something difficult, is through a "ridiculous amount of repetition."  It works with me personally.  I found it also works with students amazingly well!