A Day in the Life...

We are going to work creatively for this activity. Your task is to describe a day in the life for one of your students. The student can be completely fictional or based on a real student.

Imagine what a day in the life of a "personalized learner" at school (or maybe not even at school) would look like. In the forum below, provide a narrative that describes the day. Pay unique attention to the following:

  • What is the teacher doing during this day?
  • Who are the "teachers", for that matter?
  • What perceptions or feelings does the learner have about school and learning in general?
  • What are things that are working well for the student?
  • Where is the student struggling?
  • What role is technology playing?

  • Again, don't answer those questions directly in your narrative. You are telling the story of your student's day, and the elements above should surface to some extent during the narrative.

    Be sure to be thorough in your narrative, and feel free to revise your post over time (especially as you reflect more on this course as it progresses). We have provided some examples for you that come from the SIIA-ASCD-CCSSO symposium (2010). The examples can be found on pages 37, 38, and 39 of the document found here. We won't be adding replies for this forum, but you will need to check out each other's narratives.

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