Student Personalized Learning System

Your task for this forum is to explore the Student Personalized Learning System. Unless you are planning on utilizing the system as part of your individualized pathway, this exploration will be brief, albeit very loosely structured.

To explore:

  1. In our Personalized Learning Environment area, check out the Lesson: Overview to the System, as well as the tutorials.
  2. Go to the site and login with the same username and password that you use for the teacher training system (let your instructor know if you need help logging in).
  3. Logout and log back in as a generic teacher (, password = jteacher OR, password = mteacher). The reason for this is that we have a handful of sample students here. If you don't have any students in the system for your district, you won't have the ability to assign modules to them.
  4. Look through the site as is, and find the catalog of modules
  5. Explore the modules to get an understanding of how the system is being used (almost exclusively at the green "lessons" level)
  6. Assign a module to a student (such as,, or You can assign it to more than one if you would like.
  7. Log in as that student (it works best to open up another browser so you can switch back and forth from student to teacher). Their password is the same structure... cstudent or jstudent or sstudent. Proceed through the lesson and notice what happens on the teacher side.

    Obviously, the system is in its primitive stages, as many features are being built in an ongoing process. In a response below, identify the potential you see for this system. Think of specific age levels or places in the curriculum where you see potential, even if they are not your areas.

    • Then, identify what some of the challenges for a system like this will be.
    • What features would you like to see added over time?

      You will need to provide at least two replies to your group members posts within the forum as well.
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